Domestic Discipline Contract
On this day, 31/8/15, xxxx (HoH) and xxxx (TiH) agree to enter in to a Domestic Discipline, Female Led Marriage dynamic, as set out in this document

To simplify things, the rules will follow the four D’s of Domestic Discipline:

The TiH and HoH should be honest with each other at all times. This especially involves the TiH proactively confessing to the HoH when they have done something wrong, without being prompted.

The TiH will treat the HoH with the utmost respect, both in private and public. This includes arguing, eye rolling, and generally being obnoxious.

The TiH will follow any and all rules and requests put forward by the HoH. However, the HoH will allow TiH, wherever possible, the chance to put forward their views and opinions in a respectful way, although the final decisions will always fall to the HoH, and the HoH should communicate clearly to let TiH know when the discussion time is over.

The TiH will behave in a safe manner at all times. Any acts endangering their or other’s personal health and safety will constitute a violation of this rule (i.e. texting while driving).


Initial Punishment
Any violation of the rules will result in corporal punishment, coupled with Non Corporal Disciplinary Action. At the HoH’s discretion, a single violation may be let off with a clear warning – for example if the TiH is becoming grumpy, the HoH may issue a warning to stop it developing in to disrespect.
A punishment should be administered as soon as reasonably possible. Once the infraction has occurred and the HoH is in a position to administer correction, the TiH should be sent to stand in the corner.
If TiH has a problem standing still in a corner, HoH can stipulate that they should hold a coin against the wall with their nose and that if it drops, an additional 10 minutes of corner time will be incurred.
The time spent in the corner is entirely at the discretion of the HoH and should not be discussed beforehand.
When the HoH is ready, the TiH should be told to go to their place of punishment (bedroom, etc.) and be placed in whatever position the HoH wishes to use (i.e. OTK, bent over, all fours, diaper etc.). The TiH will then tell the HoH why they are being punished and apologise, then ask HoH to punish them.
HoH will then administer a spanking. This will be with whatever implement is deemed necessary, and for as long as deemed necessary. HoH will be certain to spank only on the lower two thirds of the buttocks, as well as the upper thighs, inner thighs, and – if needed – the genitals. If wished, the HoH can switch the position of the TiH at any point.
After this session is over, the TiH will be sent back to the corner with bottom bared, hands kept away from the rear end. They will again stand there as long as HoH deems necessary, after which they will be called back and again assume the required position. Once more they will state their infractions, and promise to try their best to not do it again, upon which the HoH will administer further corporal punishment, again for as long and hard as they deem necessary.
Once this final session is over, the HoH will tell TiH that they are forgiven, and administer aftercare. They will also inform TiH of any follow up punishments for this infraction
During the session, the TiH will do their best to take their punishment with dignity. If necessary, for example if the TiH is kicking or wriggling uncontrollably, the HoH may bind the TiH to keep them in position.

Follow up Punishment
If deemed necessary, the HoH may choose to administer follow ups to the initial punishment.
These may be:
-          Reminder/Follow up spankings: These are spankings administered at a future time, usually before TiH will be in a position to break the rule, to remind them to behave
-          Restriction/Removal of privileges – As it says, removing one or many privileges (e.g. TV, Internet, Going out). Should be used for repeat offenses
-          Restricting cash/cards
-          Line writing
-          Additional Chores
-          Mouthwashing with soap – if this is required, it is recommended to do it before the initial corner time. Should be used only for extreme offenses of Disrespect or verbal disobedience (i.e. swearing in public)
-          Additional period in chastity

If, in any week (Monday – Sunday), the TiH has not required any punishments, the HoH will administer a maintenance spanking on the Sunday evening. This serves the purpose of reinforcing the discipline, control, and intimacy of the relationship. Maintenance spankings, while not as intense as punishments, should nevertheless be hard and painful for the TiH.

The TiH will, in the future acquire a chastity device, for which HoH will be the keyholder. After a period of adjustment, the TiH agrees to wear this device permanently. The TiH will keep an emergency key on their keyring, locked in a container and sealed with a numbered seal. This is only to be used in emergencies where the HoH is not available to unlock the cage.
The HoH will assume full control over the sexual stimulation of the TiH. They will also make sure that the TiH is kept in a state of heightened arousal, using methods such as tease and deny, ruined orgasms, and anal play. The continued state of arousal coupled with the threat of increased days in chastity for breaking rules, will help the TiH to follow the rules.
HoH will allow full orgasms to the TiH, with roughly three every month guaranteed once the chastity becomes permanent, except in cases of extreme rule breaking, upon which orgasms can be rescinded. HoH does not need to tell TiH when the next orgasm will be. HoH will also allow the TiH to be unlocked once a week for cleaning. HoH can, of course, give any extra orgasms that they desire to the TiH.

This agreement will run for an initial period of three months from the date at the top. It cannot be cancelled before the end of this period unless both parties agree. Changes to the contract at any time must be made by mutual consent
Both HoH and TiH agree to uphold the rules, responsibilities, and consequences, named above as part of the domestic discipline dynamic. Furthermore, both parties fully acknowledge that they have both consented to this agreement, and lifestyle, and can withdrawS that consent at any time either formally or informally, once the trial period has ended.


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