Monday, 17 August 2015

A bad weekend

So the weekend at my parent's really wasn't great. As said previously, my brat came out firing, and rule after rule fell before him.
But worst of all was the final one. I broke rule 15 - no touching myself. I didn't....follow it were, but the violation happened and I had to confess it. No idea what came over me.
We got home last night and as soon as we went to bed I was told to get into position.
I was lectured and beaten for what felt like ages but was probably only 5 minutes. That damned wooden spoon doing its job on my behind. I felt awful, and wife had to hold my legs down to stop them from kicking up and I even at one point involuntarily put my hands back to stop the pain, but this obviously had the opposite effect and the spanking got harder.
At the end I was pretty much hyperventilating and wife held me and made me slow my breathing down. I felt absolutely awful for all I had done over the weekend.
I got another reminder spanking this morning too, again harsher than the previous but we'll deserved. Oddly the spoon doesn't seem to be having as much lasting impact as it did, my behind seems to be dealing with it more, so if wife wants pain that lasts more than a few hours we may need to upgrade to something else...shudder.
Annoyingly I'm still holding on to the guilt of the weekend, and may have to ask wife for a follow up punishment, as it's making me cranky

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