Monday, 17 August 2015


So, I have been industrious. Following on from the last post, wife asked me to find something better than the spoon, and also a way to stop me moving.
So, I did lots of googling, found lots of sites selling stuff, then came across a site selling a loopy johnny made from coaxial cables. A light bulb went off in my head as I often work with coax. Alas, I have no coax at the moment, but did make some prototypes from lengths of mains flex.
I made two different sizes and one double loop, not knowing what size to go for. I had several lengths left over so fashioned a rsther rough flogger.
Of course, wife wanted to try them out straight away so I was bent over the bed wondering what I'd gotten myself in to. Turns out loopy johnnys have a deserved reputation. Just two hits in I was squirming away.
She tried out them all, I think the double was the worst. Think I'm in trouble now.
Also for the not moving, I figured a piece of rope under the bed, attached to wrists and ankles as tight as possible should do the trick

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