Thursday, 20 August 2015

Catching up

I've been a bit lax in updating here. I've had a couple of punishments since my last post, though I also had my first day where I didn't break any rules! Hooray!
Unfortunately yesterday I slipped again, it's always the problem, I drive a lot and the temptation to check my phone while driving never goes away because I get bored. Then once I'd done it once I figured I was already getting punished so I may as well carry on. When I said this to wife she was furious, and I copped extra punishment last night
She hasn't yet used the cable monsters I made but has taken to using a plastic rod from a cat toy as a cane which is agony! Last night she went for my thighs "to spare my bruised bum" and I couldn't keep still which just made it worse. I also started hyperventilating again in the middle and had to get her to stop while I calmed down, which made her cross with me.
Today I have already slipped a couple of times witg regards the phone so I know I'm in for it again. I need to drill it in to my head that doing it equals bad. Hopefully she won't choose to use the loopy things for the first time to hammer that point home

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