Friday, 7 August 2015


So, following on from the last post. Our new dynamic has taken effect. My bottom has been very sore from my "clean slate" spanking.
I've heard the saying that you "can't sit for a week". For me, sitting isn't too bad. The actual act of sitting hurts a bit, and getting up again. But once I'm down It's ok. It's if you shift around that it hurts. And walking. That hurts too. So walking several miles through a busy city yesterday really didn't help.
The redness has gone down to a funky pattern of bruises now, which I think wife is happy with.
Yesterday I got in a small amount of trouble - I had used my phone while sitting in traffic. Not actually driving, but - and I didn't realise this - it's still illegal and still a rule break. Good to know. Wife was cross with me, as well as that I argued the toss about it, and I got some corner time, which was very embarrassing.
Not sure though, while corner time was bad, not sure if it really *felt* like I'd paid for it. Maybe something to talk to wife about, using the non spankings as an enhancement to spanking rather than a substitute.
Anyway, in trouble today for forgetting to brush my teeth. Twice. Hopefully mitigated slightly that I admitted it off my own back.
So we shall see what happens. Blogging this while stopped at a service station having a rest on my way to a job, so should probably hit the road again.

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