Saturday, 15 August 2015

Bringing out the brat

Slightly late on this post due to busyness. Another punishment on Thursday night for more rule violations - always the same ones. I find using my phone while driving has become a seriously ingrained habit and very difficult to break.
This punishment was once again more severe than the last owing to the repeat nature of the offenses. While laid over receiving it I try to think on the things I've done wrong so my brain will associate them with punishment. When wife begins to lecture me at the same time it really drives home that was I did was wrong.
I get very upset knowing I've upset and disappointed her by breaking the rules we've agreed to.
Next morning was another reminder spanking, this time with the spoon.
Friday wife had to come to work with me as after we were heading up to visit my family for the weekend. She has a habit of correcting my driving and this really brings out the brat in me. At one point I was dancing to the music and took both hands off the wheel for a moment. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I did it again I would pull over and receive a spanking.
This flared my inner brat, who was almost positive she wouldn't do it - note almost - and that brat proceeded to wind her up and back talk the rest of the trip, but not enough to test her resolve on that threat.
This morning, at my parents house, feeling bratty again, I have been back chatting a little, and I'm pretty sure when we get home tomorrow evening I will feel the consequences. I don't know if it's just my brat testing the boundaries or if it wants to prove that she really cares enough to punish me when I'm bad, even away from home.
The psychology of the inner brat is a mystery

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