Thursday, 13 August 2015

So close and yet so far...

So yesterday I thought I'd gotten through the day without breaking a rule. But then I talked to wife about an angry confrontation with an HGV driver who objected to me going the actual speed limit. Because I then reacted with the timeless gesture of raising a particular finger, this constitutes swearing in public.
Aaaaaand then she asked if I'd sent an email I was supposed to send over a week ago and I had to admit that I'd completely forgotten.
So, after the previous night's heavy punishment, while this one was no where near as long, wife managed to hit exactly the same spots as she did before, and had be almost screaming apologies from the get go and the first time I've ever begged for a reprieve - not heeded of course.
A small hand spanking this morning acted as a reminder and reawoke the stings so that I remember to be on my best behaviour today. Let's hope...

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