Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Beginning a new life with a clean slate

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog about This Thing We Do - Domestic Discipline. This will be my place for writing my thoughts and feelings. My wife, who is my Head of House, will be checking here regularly to make sure I am posting things.
We have entered in to this dynamic at my own request, as I feel I need to feel accountable for my actions and suffer consequences when I do wrong.
Tonight we hashed out the contents of our formal agreement which you can see on the "Contract" tab - this may change as we go forward, and takes effect from tomorrow morning.
So, to go in to this dynamic with a clean slate, we decided that a decent spanking to expiate and atone for all the things I have done wrong over the previous 8 years of our marriage.
This is the first serious spanking I have received and I have had play spankings before and let me tell you that in the context of play I would have safeworded about 20 seconds in. I'm sure as serious punishment spankings go it wasn't all that bad but for our first, that was serious stuff.
Wife wasn't all that sure to begin with, but once she had me over her lap and started, all the things that had pissed her off previously started coming out.
After a while she stopped, and we talked, and both realised we were still holding on to some stuff, so over I went again. Thank god for biting on pillows or my howling would have brought the house down.
Turns out there was a lot that we were both holding on to.
So, on a 1-10 scale of badness, I'd rate this as a 6.5 - there could definitely be worse but I do not want to experience it.
Tomorrow my rules kick in, and there are plenty that I will have trouble with, so I imagine I will be feeling the wrong end of the wooden spoon again soon - I will do my best though.
I will be keeping an account of all my punishments in the diary tab.
So to sign off, wife was really quite impressed with what my poor bottom looked like - bright red!

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